Welcome to Kaiser Kastle! This site is ran by Isabelle Kaiser. This isnt just a resource site where I will post things, and or reblog things for you guys to use. It is also now my personal tumblr! So send in requests, ask me things, and whatever else you want! Enjoy your day lovies and stay cute! xoxo
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queen isa

Taking a short break from this site.

Not sure when I will be back on although I am working on a new site. So keep your eyes open for it. xoxo

Hey lovebug! Hope you’re doing good! The first thing I would like to say is WOW to all your Perrie images! I personally think its over done but its whatever you like right? Lol. Besides too much Perrie ( in my eyes ) the only thing I don’t like is your extended network banner. I just feel that all the images on the right of your page should have the effect your friend space has. It would make your profile look a lot neater in my eyes. Other then that your profile is super cute! Therefore I give you an B+. Stay cute! xoxo

GUUUURL! Your profile is PERFECT! This will be short because there isn’t just to even judge on it because its al just flawless! Well besides one thing which would be your headline image! I just feel like it doesn’t fit your profile at all. Thats just in my eyes though. Other then that I think your page is flawless and I give you an A+. Stay cute! xoxo

Its an amazing feeling when….

You walk into work and everyone is excited to see you. I love the fact I can make someone smile just by coming into their life ( even if its just at work since I have no life outside of it ). I have met so many amazing people at my new job and I am so blessed to be able to work there with every single one of them.  I love them to pieces. xoxo

Hello beautiful people! Hope you all had a fantastic day!♥

I know I haven’t been on in a little bit, i’m sorry for that. Psh its the downside of having a job ( no time to yourself ). But hopefully I can get this site up in running in between the moments I actually do have to myself. 

So what do you say? Lets get this thing started again?

  • Profile Judges
  • Opinions
  • Secrets/Confessions
  • Random Questions
  • Anything

Hope to hear from some of you! I love you. xoxo

Anonymous asked:  blake lively fits you perfect <3

Aweee jhfbvxkdhjfgxdgf. Thank you lovely! xoxo


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Anonymous asked:  how would like to own a site with?


i want bad bitches who speak their minds because that’s me (titanic or isa kaiser)



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Happy Easter Love Bugs!

So let me just say this.

  1. The few secrets I have ever seen about myself are rude. Why would I want to give myself a bad image? That doesn’t make any sense at all. I don’t like the spotlight therefore I wouldn’t say anything to put myself there.
  2. Never once did I “cry” about someone judging me? All I did was write about how its not cool to judge someone whom you don’t know ( anyone not just me ) and to stop the majority of the hate. I am big on LOVE NOT WAR. 

With all that said….

Can you all just act like an adult and come say these things to my face? If you have something to say, if something is bothering you or ANYTHING please come have a conversation with ME. I don’t like drama and I would like it if you would stop saying my name in things. I don’t like being put on the spot like this. Its not fair to me especially when I haven’t done anything to anyone to even be treated this way. Not cool. Just open up to me about how you feel. I wont be rude because thats not how I am. I honestly believe it wont get you anywhere in life. So come to me if you have a problem, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Have a great day. xoxo

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